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25 years after being in the police force, Olusola Amore is made PRO of the Nigeria Police Force

New Police Force Public Relations Officer (PRO), Olusola Amore has declared that in the Nigerian police force, the era of kill and go is over, “…It is now the time for democracy; kill and account for it or pay the supreme price.” In an interview this morning, Amore said that crime is an economic activity and criminals also prepare for festive periods.

Commenting on police extracts (loss of document and replacement), he affirmed that all of these extracts are issued free of charge as long as the individual has already acquired an affidavit from the court. “If you have an encounter with men at the counter (demanding for money), insist on seeing the station DPO because men at the counter do not exactly have an identity but every station has a DPO and his identity will make the force able to handle extortion.” He also urged Nigerians, at all times, to resist extortion.

According to the soft spoken officer, “…it is wrong for any enforcement group to hurt Nigerians… even the police use what is called ‘minimum force’ even when effecting arrest… no police man is authorised to shoot at any offender.”

Callers on the interview complained and reported ongoing activities of the police. One of such callers complained of the ridiculous extortion of police men on Carter Bridge and the PRO stated that they had received a complaint earlier and that as of today, normalcy should have returned to that area of Lagos state. Also, the case of a police man that died since 2005 while on duty and delayed compensation to his family had the PRO promise that work was under way to ensure that the family gets compensated and advised that men in the force produce good enough next of kin as this was one of their shortcomings in paying compensation to deceased’s families.

A member of the police force who called in also advised the public to feel free to complain to the police as well as renew their vehicle papers to avoid any conflict as the festive period approaches. Another caller from Owerri reported a hoc squad headed by one Mr Kachala, a police officer from Taraba state who collect percentages from kidnappers and robbers. The caller provided the squad number of the said squad (167419) and Amore, after thanking the caller promised that the case would be addressed. He also warned that Nigerians be wary of uninformed police men and report cases to his mobile number, 07057195828.

Amore, who has been in the force for 25 years had been the PRO of the then Bendel state police force for 8years, was an active CID in Makurdi and was also producing a police magazine and was also the press officer in Bola Ige’s days. Here’s wishing the PRO a fruitful tenure in the very controversial Nigeria police force.