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Access to water in Nigeria

NGO calls for more emphasis on Household water treatment

A Household Water treatment specialist, Mr. Joachim Ezeji has called on the Nigeria’s Federal Government to place more emphasis on Household Water treatment and Safe storage in order to accelerate the nation’s march towards achieving the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) in the water and sanitation sector.

‘The poor management of wastes particularly poorly built toilet systems and the absence of sanitary landfills and have underscored the importance of a point-of-use water treatment system that can secure public health. The Federal Government should integrate Household water treatment into its development plans as a way of promoting public well being and health’ said Ezeji in a statement made available to

Nigeria is presently off track towards achieving the water a nd sanitation MDGs, according to figures released by the Water and Sanitation Monitoring Platform.

However, Mr. Ezeji whose organization Rural Africa Water Development Project (RAWDP ), produces Mor-sand water filter, a Household Water Treatment said this trend can be reversed if the Government places more emphasis on Household water treatment, rather that the continued dissipation of huge investments on dams and boreholes for Urban and rural water schemes.