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Africa WASH Fund launched… to promote WASH investments

 The 3rd High Level Forum on Water and Sanitation for All in Africa (WSA) ended in Abidjan last weekend with the launch of the Africa WASH Fund to support various initiatives in water and sanitation and promote investments in water and sanitation.

“This fund will help entrepreneurs in water and sanitation to gain access to financial resources,” said the Chairman of the WSA Council of Ministers, Wassailké Boukhary at the meeting, organised under the theme: “Promotion of a vibrant and effective south-south cooperation to accelerate access to hygiene , sanitation and water for all in Africa.”

Earlier,when declaring open the confab,  Daniel Kablan Duncan,Prime Minister of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire  said the current precarious nature of Africa’s water and sanitation sector, in spite of all the efforts by African governments and their traditional development partners, call for the need to explore more innovative financing and technological solutions.

“Africa cannot remain indifferent while seventy percent of hospital beds are occupied by persons suffering from preventable water and sanitation related illnesses despite the efforts being made by various countries,” saying this does not require only the diversification of financing sources and technological innovations but also the effective involvement of the private sector.

Speaking on the achievements of the Water and Sanitation for Africa (WSA) , its Chairman, Boukhary Wassalké, said the organization focuses on the deployment of appropriate governance instruments to improve organizational performance for the adaptation to social and technological change.

This was reflected, according to Hon Wassalké , in mobilizing 60 billion FCFA for the implementation of projects and programs for the benefit of 11 million Africans and 550 billion FCFA for priority projects in the Member States  which also increased from 17 to 32 between 2010 and 2013 .ny.

Other key outcomes of the meeting was the admittance of the Union of Comoros as a WSA member country and the appointment of a 13 member Technical Advisory Committee, which replaces the Board of Trustees.

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