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Law to curb gas flaring in nigeria ready soon

The House of Representatives committee on gas has assured that the Gas re-injection law whose bill is under consideration would be ready by the end of May this year.

Chairman of the House committee on gas, Hon Igo Aguma made this assurance when a coalition of Civil Society and Community groups led by SOCIAL ACTION paid an advocacy visit to the committee in the National Assembly, stressing the need to end gas flaring in the Niger Delta without any further delay.

The leader of the group, Ms Vivian Bellonwu Programme/Communica tions Officer Social Action Port Harcourt, told the committee that the Civil Society groups were before the committee to follow up on their presentation at the public hearing and to present their publication” Flames Of hell” which highlights the dangers of gas flaring to the environment and human life in the Niger Delta.

Ms Bellonwu expressed worry with the way and manner the oil companies continue with flaring of Gas in the Niger Delta region. She said that some oil companies proposed 2012 deadline while some said they could put infrastructure to enable them achieve gas flare out by 2013.

Similar promises have been made by oil companies in the fast which they did not keep therefore there is no guarantee that this proposed dateline would be kept. She said this is unacceptable and called on the National Assembly to expedite action and pass the bill into law in the shortest possible time.

She said gas flaring should not just be quantified in naira and kobo but also the devastation of the environment as well as its impact on lives and livelihood especially of women and children.

Chairman of the house Committee on Gas Resources, Hon Igo Aguma, assured that the bill will be passed by May this year saying that “we are equally worried as you people in the Niger Delta and considering the volume of revenue the nation is losing, we want to pass a law that can stand the test of time. We share the feelings because it’s the same air that we all breathe”.

The delegation of the Civil Society and community groups which was led by SOCIAL ACTION was made up of the Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre, (CISLAC), Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian law, (IHRHL), Host Communities Network, (HOCON), Egi Forum and others.

Ms Vivian Bellonwu
Program/Communications Officer
Executive Director
Social Action

Auwal Ibrahim Musa (Rafsanjani)
Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre