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Barack Obama named Man of the Year in Nigeria

By Babatope Babalobi

Two leading Nigeria media publications have named US President elect; Barrack Obama as the Man of the Year.


Announcing its nomination, the Guardian,, which prides itself as the flagship of Nigerian Press, described Obama as

a symbol of the capacity of the United States to learn from its own history, to confront its fears and renew itself. He is a symbol of hope for every minority person in the world who is trapped in situations of doubt and anxiety. He is a living symbol of the belief that obstacles are at best challenges and that every man has within him, the capacity to slaughter the dragon of doubt”.


“He is a symbol of hope for the younger generation who are constantly reminded that they are too young and inexperienced to dream big. He is a living symbol of the wrongness of all myths of racial superiority based on intelligence quotient.

His victory sends a strong message that we are who we are not necessarily because of colour or creed, but the humanity within and the quality of our persons”

On its part, the Newswatch,  a Nigerian weekly magazine voted Barack Obama as the “Newswatch Man of the Year for his remarkable political achievement as the first African-American that will occupy the White House”

The Newswatch said it voted “Obama as Newswatch Man of the Year because of the way he earned his phenomenal success, shattered the myth as to whether a black man can ever make it to the White House and his uncommon courage that has led to the actualisation of the age-long dream of Martin Luther King Jnr and Rosa Parks. With the feat achieved by Obama, change has come to America and it is a great leap for mankind.”