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Bauchi state rolls out programmes for water and sanitation sector reform

Bauchi State in Northern Nigeria has developed a ‘Water and Sanitation Sector Overview’ to guide the state in implementing reforms in its water and sanitation sector towards achieving the Millennium Development Goal targets on water and sanitation, as well as an honest appraisal of the challenges to sustained progress towards these goals.

While identifying policy, institutional, legal and funding challenges, the report developed as part of the USAID supported water and sanitation reform project for the State, also outlines possible remedies.

A validation workshop earlier conducted prior to the finalization of the report, was attended by 57 participants who recommendations the strengthening of institutions and the formation of partnerships to help build the sector’s capacity for efficient delivery of services.

They also urged sectoral reforms that improve the water board’s ability to recover costs, through an autonomous but realistic tariff collection mechanism that helps pay for operational and maintenance expenses.

One in three Bauchi state residents had access to clean supply of water; just one in five is able to consistently access sanitation services. To achieve the MDG targets by 2015, the percentage of residents able to access a consistent supply of clean water must double; for sanitation, those numbers need to nearly triple.

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