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Broadcasting in Nigeria and production of local content

Nigeria is witnessing a broadcasting revolution which has resulted in impressive growth of radio and television stations as well as pay TV operators.

Despite huge investments in the broadcast industry, the contribution of the Nigerian content or local content has been minimal

Nigerian content is the quantum of composite value added or created in the Nigerian economy through the utilisation of Nigerian human and materials in the s industry.

Over 80 per cent of content in the industry is still foreign. This has led to a dearth in jobs, skills development, capacity building / utilization and lack of sustained national economic development.

Good local content is an essential pillar of sustainability for broadcasting.

That is why the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) effort at boosting local content is very commendable.

Beyond the efforts of the regulator, the industry must take deliberate steps to ensure that contents are localized without compromising international standards.

There is need for a forum to draw the framework that guarantees active participation of Nigerians in the broadcasting industry activities.

This forum will evaluate and present valid forecasts of future developments in the broadcast industry and examine the driving forces behind these developments.

Such forum must focus on the promotion of value addition in Nigeria through the utilization of local raw materials, talents, products and services in order to stimulate growth of indigenous capacity.

It must be designed to give both the layperson and the professional an update of emerging technology and related business trends and events.

And importantly, examine the challenges, solutions, opportunities of Nigerian Content.

NBC as well as players in the industry are encouraged to support this forum as it will help the maintain, and enhance national identity and cultural sovereignty

It will as serve to safeguard, enrich and strengthen the cultural, political, social and economic fabrics of Nigeria.

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