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Building a new nigeria

   Public Announcement by the  Movement for Progressive Change In Nigeria


                           Slogan: Wake Up Nigeria ;Time For Change, Nigeria Now


Despite the availability vast Nigerian economic resources and men and women of intellect inside and outside Nigeria who are ready to make themselves available for services to the nation, Nigeria is still bedeviled with the anachronism of under development in its polity, economic and social services.


Nigeria lacks basic amenities of  life : constancy and regularity in the supply of electricity ; uninterrupted water supply where water is supplied at all; availability of delivery of adequate health system , manifesting in the lack of drug  and  deficiency of hospital facilities ; qualitativeness and quantitativeness in educational facilities ; economic viability in transportation facility as   a result of lack of modern road, rail and air network while the ruling class, the politicians are overpaid and over- pampered as the workers at  individual , private and corporate level are under-paid, ignored and treated with disdain and disrespect.


Nigeria's Natioanal flag

Even the police is not adequately prepared to fight crime as policemen are made to buy their own shoes and touch-lights and other equipments from the corrupt money that they get from ‘wetin you carry’ road check .


Nigeria can no longer be allowed to continue to drift if it is to survive as a nation .We are therefore obliged to do something before calamity strikes .


   Our Mission :


  1. To formulate strategy to develop Nigeria from a politically and economically backward country to a politically and economically progressive country in the shortest possible time.
  2. To politically restructure Nigerian multi- party system to a tri-polarity bloc of left-center and right with a view to cleansing the political spectrum to enable our people make reasonable choices at all elections.
  3.  To hold the Nigerian Constitution sacrosanct  subject to its amendment in accordance with the letters and spirit of the constitution with periodical  constitutional conferences as may be necessary.
  4. To sensitize our people as to their role by holding the politicians accountable for their deeds.
  5. To ensure internal democracy in our party structure and ensure democratically inclined competition among the political parties to ensure that our people are given opportunity to meaningfully participate in electing their representatives at all levels of government .
  6. To promote integrity and ensure ethical behavior for our public office holders both at political and bureaucratic levels.
  7. To ensure that political parties design meaningful manifestoes by which their performances would  be measured in government .
  8. To ensure that the public draws benchmark by which budgetary allocations are dispensed and accounted for.
  9.  To try to bring these changes within our framework of political system or necessary to take other constitutional measures that would help to achieve our aims and desire for the interest of our people.
  10. To promote openness in government as a means of developing ethical integrity to fight waste ,corruption ,favoritism, nepotism and tribalism in government services .



 Philosophy : Our basic philosophy shall be to adopt the position of Basic Rights Advocate In Nigeria (BRAIN) with a view to ensuring that the government lays good foundation for the supply of necessity of life – education, health, housing, employment, food which will depend on the adequate availability of infrastructure like water , electricity, mobile transportation network, sophisticated communication facilities , schools , hospitals and mechanical agricultural industries that will stimulate manufacturing industrialization thereby economic development- and to make the people demand if that is not the case .


The time to start is now in order to make progress everyday and every moment . We can no longer wait.


Methodology : To embark on political socialization of our people towards our aim by working together to do  in addition to saying what is desirable .


To generate debate in all our spheres of life and to analyze our problems and arrive at possible solutions and to take actions to implement these solutions arrived at .


We do not want to accept the concept of gradualism to wait for more years after 48 years of Independence when our people are yearning for democracy that is routed in their culture with the history , experience and aspiration of freedom enshrined in our constitution in pursuit of happiness and realization of dignity for every Nigerian which they have fought for in the past and continue to struggle for.


The time is now for Nigeria to modernize her democracy and democratize her capitalism .


 After fighting foreign colonialism , military dictatorship , Nigeria can no longer tolerate modern  despots in democratic garment.


Now, is time  for action and every Nigerian is invited to contribute in words and in deed to the wakeup call for change on a great nation , Nigeria whose foundation was built on the dreams of our founding fathers , Herbert Macaulay, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo , Ahmadu Bello is ready to take her historic proud and rightful place in the community of Nations. Wake up Nigeria-Time for Change .


For more information, contact Bari Salau at: