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Colombia parliament debates right to water

We write to you from Colombia, as a member of the Committee that is promoting the Referendum for the Human Right to Water,as you are member of an organization promoting the Human Right to Water..

Today, we write to you again because the Colombian Congress (Comission 5 of the Chamber of Representatives) is again debating whether to approve the referendum, and/or to make changes to its original text.
We are asking you and other international organizations to help us ensure the wish of 2 million Colombians for Water to be a Human Right, is respected.

See sign the letter, asking Congress to respect the wishes of the Colombian people, and to make no changes to the original text of the Referendum proposed. A list of signatures will be presented to the Colombian Congress in the coming month.

You can reply to this message if you would like to sign the letter. When signing, please be sure to state the following information:

NAME of your Organization
NAME and FUNCTION of Person Responsable signing the letter

or sign it at

We, and Colombia in general, thank you for your support for the Human Right to Water.

Juan Camilo Mira

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