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COP 15: report on water and climate launched

NEW REPORT OUT: Water World: Why the global climate challenge is a global water challenge

The GPPN has launched a report for Copenhagen  tomake the case for water as a critical consideration for climate change in the broader context of the UNFCCC, up to and beyond COP15. I

It has taken the six themes that were covered during the Water Day on 3rd November during the UNFCCC negotiations in Barcelona, addressing water as a cross-cutting consideration in response to climate change: Water and Livelihoods, Water and Land, Water and Transboundary Resource Management, Water and Water and Energy, and Water and Gender.

This report intends to provide a briefing of some of the critical considerations in each of these areas, identifying key messages and why they are relevant to the UNFCCC. It is hoped that it will provide a helpful resource for decision-makers and negotiators as they begin to elaborate details on a shared vision and co-ordinated response to the climate change challenge.