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COP-15:Africa demands full compesation for climate change

African states will not accept a new treaty that merely replaces the existing Kyoto protocol on ways of tackling climate change unless the rich states agree to take full responsibility for the environmental injustices their high levels of industrialisation has caused Africa, key African negotiators affirmed after a meeting in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

Africa requires new, sustained and scaled-up finance, technology and capacity, to tackle the effects of climate change. With regards to a new treaty, African Negotiators’ message is unambiguous: Africa will neither accept replacement of Kyoto Protocol nor its merger with any new agreement.

The African negotiators insisted that for successful negotiations in Copenhagen to produce what they call a two-track outcome: One track for the amendment of Annex B (which includes all developed countries) of the Kyoto protocol on further commitments by Annex I Parties; and a second track on a separate legal instrument, for the outcome of the negotiations of the Bali Action Plan under the Convention.

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