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Bread of Life NGO calls on President Buhari to probe corruption in Water Sector

Bread of Life Development Foundation has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to extend his administration’s fight against corruption to the water sector, just as the administration begins a second year in office.

 In a statement issued by its Programme Officer Taiwo Owolabi, the group said cronyism in the award of contracts and appointments in the water sector; inflation of contracts for the purchase of water treatment chemicals, diesel, rehabilitation/construction of water infrastructures such as dams, water pipes networks, treatment plans; bribery of staff by consumers to manipulate water bills; amongst others are chiefly responsible for failures of Federal water projects and inability of state water agencies to deliver portable drinking water to  Nigerians in an efficient manner and on a sustainable basis, resulting in the needless deaths of Nigerians, both old and young, from water related diseases.

 The Buhari administration must ask questions in the water sector on how billions of naira expended on drilling boreholes, particularly since 1999, have failed to deliver drinking water to the people; President Buhari administration should initiate a probe of water sector contracts between 1999- 2015 to unearth why Nigeria failed to achieve water supply and sanitation Millennium Development targets inspite of huge sums expended by River Basin Authorities, and other governmental agencies on water supply, irrigation, and sanitation projects. The President needs to demand answers on how the huge sums of public and donor funds expended on the water supply and sanitation programmes over the past two decades, have been managed or mismanaged.

President Buhari

 Noting that access to safe drinking water supply is a topmost priority of Nigerians, Bread of Life Development Foundation says the Buhari administration has an onerous responsibility to fix the water supply and sanitation sector within the next three years.

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