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Crime in Nigeria: Local governments employ private guards

Nigeria Police: ill equiped, under staffed , and underpaid

Mike Okiro..Nigeria's Police Chief


Three Local Governments in Oyo State, South West Nigeria have decided to recruit private security operatives to stem the incidences of armed robbery within their localities.

Nigeria Police Service is short staffed and ill equipped to curtail widespread security threats in Africa’s most populous state, and many Government and non governmental agencies often patronise private owned firms providing security services.

Itesiwaju ,Saki and Iseyin Local Government councils all in Oyo state have recently employed over 150 vigilante men, who are members of the ‘Odua Peoples Congress’ (OPC), a Cultural group to complement the services of the regular Policemen in the area



  “We had to take this action to ensure the security of our people”, said Mr. Rogba Adedigba, Director of Personnel Management of Itesiwaju Local Government, one of three Local Governments.