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Ekiti elections results must satisfy God, says Yar’adua

The results of the Ekiti state re rum Governorship elections must satisfy God, says Nigeria’s President Umaru Yar’adua.

Re run governorship elections in the South west state of Nigeria has been marked by electoral violence and mired in controversy with the two leading political parties (the Action Congress and the ruling Peoples Democratic party) claiming victory in the April 25 re run elections held in 63 wards in 10 local government

The Resident Electoral Commissioner for the state, Mrs. Ayooka Adebayo also disappeared in the middle of elections, and reappeared few days later to tender a letter of resignation to President Yar’adua harping on the need to respect the rule of law and fulfil the dictates of her conscience and Christian faith. She later withdrew the letter and had since reported for duty.

But, as the Independent National Electoral Commission prepares to conclude the Ekiti state Governorship re run elections this week Tuesday, Yar’adua in a statement released by his spokes person Mr Olusegun Adeniyi particularly charged the Ekiti State Resident Electoral Commission, Mrs Ayooka Adebayo not to announce any results that will not satisfy God and her conscience.

“Now that the Resident Electoral Commissioner has re-appeared, there are two urgent orders of business. The first is to diffuse the growing tension in Ekiti State by ensuring that the REC concludes the process by announcing the genuine results that would satisfy her conscience and her God.

And the second is to commence apace the process that will prevent a re-occurrence of the Ekiti saga by instituting a robust electoral system that can accommodate keen contestation for power, level the playing field, keep the actors in check and vouchsafe free, fair and acceptable elections. The President is committed to both tasks. We should give him a chance”, said Olusegun Adeniyi in the statement