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EU plans 677m euros aid for ex-Niger delta militants

The European Union is planning to provide a 677m euros financial aid to Nigerian government programmes for the rehabilitation of Niger Delta militants that accepted President Yar adua amnesty programme, a top EU official said on Friday.

“What I gather from the success of the amnesty is that the project is taking shape and what is now needed is to show the peace dividends — development, infrastructure, training and jobs,” Stefano Manservisi, the EU’s director general for aid and development, said in Nigeria’s capital Abuja.

Manservisi said the EU is close to finalising its five-year development aid package, worth 677 million euros, for Nigeria and that some of the money could be used to help fund the rehabilitation and reintegration programmes.

“We have a component (in our aid package), which is 190 million euros, to address the needs linked to the Niger Delta,” he said.