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Five Nigerian NGOs win N62.5m World Bank contract

Babatunde Fashola, Governor, Lagos State, Nigeria

The Lagos Water Corporation has awarded a three year consultancy contract worth N62.5m to five Nigerian Non Governmental Organisations to implement water sector stakeholder outreach programmes.



The World Bank is presently financing a $220 National Urban Water Sector Reform Project (NUWSRP) in Lagos and Cross River states, Nigeria whose objective is to increase water supply to urban residents in the two states through water system rehabilitation, increasing treatment capacity and adding household and standpipe connections in the two states.

 The Lagos Water Corporation is benefitting from the Lagos State component of the programme, and the five NGOs were selected to implement various tasks under a Citizen’s Participation System to ensure that water service provision by the Corporation reflects demands of all user groups in the state

 The NGOs that won the contracts are: Africa Infrastructure Foundation, West Africa NGO Network, Organization for Peaceful society in Africa, Nigeria Network of Non-Governmental Organization, and the Better Society Foundation, according to information made available to by Abiola Aina, an official of the Lagos Water Corporation.

Engr Shayo Holloway, Group Managing Director, Lagos Water Corporation

The management of the Lagos Water Corporation was not willing to disclose the price sum of the contracts : “We are not empowered to disclose the contract figures to a third party“, said Dr. Yemi Suleiman, Project Coordinator, of the NUWSRP, Lagos Water Corporation, when contacted

 Sources, however, informed that the three year contracts are in the sum of N12.5m (about $100,000 as of the time the contracts when awarded) to each of the five NGOs, totalling N62.5m (or $500,000) for the five NGOs.

For more information on the Second National Urban Water Sector Reform Project (NUWSRP), in Nigeria and the terms of reference of the consultancy contracts awarded the NGOs, click here