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‘Freedom house’ predicts future religious riots in Nigeria

A 101 page report by Freedom House, an international human rights organization has warned about the  spread of Sharia  Islamic law in Nigreia may provoke further inter religious conflict.


Itled the ‘Talibanizationn of Nigeria: Sharia Law and Religious Freedom”, the report notes that while Sharia has always existed in Nigeria’s civil law, some Nigerian states are expanding Sharia jurisdiction to criminal law matters in ways that violate the country’s constitution and international human rights standards.


Christians in some states fear that the Sharia-based laws will be applied to them, and will produce an atmosphere of discrimination and “second class” status, creating the potential for violence.


The report concludes that if left unchecked, the rapid spread of extreme Sharia could push Nigeria into civil war.

“The majority of Muslims are moderate people of faith who promote peace,” says Karim Bromund, director of inter-religious affairs for the Islamic Supreme Council of America. “While the Sharia is based on the Qur’an and prophet Mohammad’s teachings, extremists’ interpretation has led to confusion, and in some cases conflict.”