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Governor Akala warns against State police

Akala: 'No to State Police'

The Federal Government has been advised not to accede to the request for the establishment of state police in the country as it may have dangerous consequences for the nation’s unity and security.

Nigeria’s Police Service is currently controlled by the Federal Government, but there have been calls particularly by State Governors for the establishment of a State Police Service to be controlled by State Governments, that constitute the second tier of Government in Nigeria’s Federal System

Speaking in Ibadan, South West Nigeria, Oyo State Governor Adebayo Alao-Akala differed from his colleagues, and said the demand for state police, is influenced by political exigency capable of destabilizing the country.


Addressing high ranked Police officers attending the monthly conference between Nigeria’s  Inspector General of Police and all Senior Officers from the rank of Commissioner of Police, yesterday, Akala said:

“On the contending issue of the desirability of a state police as being canvassed in some quarters, it is pertinent to remind our leaders, particularly those championing the cause, how dangerous and unhelpful such a proposition could be to our national unity and security”

Mike Okiro..Nigeria's Police Chief

He added that in view of this “we can then begin to fathom how endangered Nigeria will be, if the instrument of authority to establish a state police were given to a state Chief Executive with a penchant for undue radicalism”.