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Group calls for Revolutionary change in Nigeria

As Christians mark the birth of Jesus Christ today, the Movement for Revolutionary Change (MRC) has urged citizens  and mass movements  in Nigeria to imbibe the revolutionary messages and teachings of Jesus Christ and forge alliances towards delivering the country from the clutches of the cabal that have captured state power at all levels to fetter personal and clannish interests

‘Jesus Christ who Christians regard as the Saviour and Messiah is no doubt a revolutionary in all purposes and respects. He preached against political oppression, economic enslavement, ethnic jingoism and exploitation of the poor by the ruling and governing class. Jesus Christ in all his messages challenged the status quo that favoured the rich, spoke for the poor and vulnerable, and advocated for a new political and social order based on social justice, fairness and equity’, said the Movement for Revolutionary Change (MRC)

MRC believes that the messages of Jesus Christ are very relevant for Nigerian now that are groping  in the dark for a virile, dynamic, and patriotic leadership that will frontally tackle national problems for fundamental change

Christmas celebration is therefore an opportunity for oppressed and downtrodden Nigerians to reflect on the imperatives of a Nigerian revolution. As another year is ending, and another round of elections is about to start, we wish to alert Nigerians that ‘ new year budgets’, ‘new elections’, ‘new electoral systems’ does not offer any hope for a ‘new Nigeria’.

Nigeria’s problems are such that only a change of values, orientation, leadership, attitudes, and approaches to governance can bring about a prosperous and great nation, said the MRC

The change Jesus preached was fundamental. The change Jesus preached was radical. The change Jesus preached was against the established political force that has held the people in bondage. The change Jesus preached was pro poor. The change Jesus preached was structural and revolutionary and it was for this singular reason that the people wanted to forcefully make him a King to free them from the bondages of the political leadership, said the Movement for Revolutionary Change (MRC)

At this time, we urge Nigerians to come to the realisation that the way forward lies in a revolution whose form and nature will be dictated by the dialectics of the struggle for a new Nigeria

Quadrennial elections supervise by the present political class has failed and will continue to bring about change in governance. In its bid to advance the call for the Nigerian revolution the Movement for Revolutionary Change (MRC), has started collecting the signatures of Nigerians share its vision.

We are launching a  10 million signature campaign January 1, 2010, through social action in public places, mass meetings, and online. The goal of this campaign is to ensure that within a year, up to 10 million Nigerians identify and endorse the need for a change in Nigeria through revolutionary tactics and struggles, said the MRC