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Group slams President Jonathan over ministerial nominees

The Movement for Revolutionary Change (MRC) has expressed  great disappointment at the list of Ministerial nominees submitted to the senate for confirmation by President Goodluck Jonathan.

The 34 man ministerial list sent to the Senate for screening is by all means uninspiring, colourless, unimaginative, and disappointing.  Almost none of the ministerial nominees have a positive intimidating record or inspiring credential. The President has failed to rise to the challenge of consisting a respectable Federal cabinet composed of credible political figures and  reputable personalities.

Nigerians were anxiously expecting a ‘dream’ Federal cabinet, but by nominating stooges of various political godfathers, recycled politicians, godsons and daughters, and  persons with  no pedigree of excellence and distinction, the President has betrayed the high aspirations of Nigerians for change and the expectations of the millions of Nigerians that erroneously voted for him in the belief that he would be an agent of change.

This is not the cabinet Nigeria deserves. This is not the best Nigeria can offer. This is far from being a list of supposed ‘Honourable Ministers’. Even within the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, we believe  that men and women of better reputation could have been identified.

The President has constituted a below average cabinet that would lack the capacity  to move the nation forward in these dire times. If the senate goes ahead and accepts the ministerial list, Nigeria would be saddled with another set of political lackeys that will run governance in business as usual approach for the next four years.

The decision of  President Goodluck Jonathan to appoint a set of 20 Political Advisers is a drain pipe, waste of public funds and indication of unserious ness in conserving public funds at a time almost all the states are insisting they would not pay the new National minimum wage of N18, 000 per month. Nigeria cannot afford to have 54 political liabilities comprising 34 Ministers and 20 Special Advisers.

We call on the Senate to rise up to the generational and historical challenge of subjecting the Ministerial nominees to the strictest public scrutiny, and  decline confirmation for as many people on the list that do not deserve to be called ‘Honourable Ministers’. The senate should conduct a thorough screening exercise, consider all legitimate petitions written against any of the nominees, and not shy away from refusing to confirm as many nominees that do not deserve to be in the Federal cabinet.

MRC reemphasises the need for a revolutionary change in our body polity, and offers itself as an alternative platform to usher in this radical and fundamental change that Nigeria urgently needs.

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