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Halliburton bribe scandal:We cannot act on speculations, says Yar’Adua

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President Yar’adua

Nigeria’s President Umaru Yar’adua has reiterated the commitment of his administration to fighting corruption in Nigeria, particularly investigating the Halliburton scandal in which several top Nigerians were allegedly involved in bribery scandal.  


Speaking to a team of Guardian Journalists in his private residence in Abuja recently, Yar’Adua said his distraction did not arrest the top Nigerians reportedly involved in the bribery scandal because the allegations against them are still speculative:


“I think that it will be wrong to say that the government is not committed to fighting corruption. We have written to the Federal Attorney General of the United States to provide all the necessary evidence, the court papers, documents on the basis of the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty and we are waiting for them to bring the documents or others because there are a lot of speculations surrounding this case and I think that the most critical step we have taken, which I think the people should take note of, is this issue of having written to the Federal Attorney-General of the U.S. as provided by the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty and we cannot take actions on speculations…”, he said.


“The case broke out in the United States of America and we have also set up a committee under the Inspector-General of Police to investigate locally any piece of evidence on anybody relating to this case. But the most important thing is that, once we have a response from the U.S. authorities, we will take action and I promise this nation that once we have a response, those names that would be mentioned in the response will be made public and we will take actions and direct that the names should be forwarded to the EFCC and those officials and former officials involved will be arrested and prosecuted

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