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Hold political class responsible for electoral flaws-Hon. Jev

House of Representative member representing Buruku Federal Constituency of Benue State, Honourable Orker Jev, believes the  political class should be held re-sponsible for all the ugly developments that have been identified with the electoral process in the country.

Speaking in Benue state, Jev, threw his weight behind moves to stabilise the electoral system that would bring about credible and acceptable election results in 2011.

The lawmaker, who felt uncomfortable with the agitations for state creation told the Nigerian Tribune that new states only promote bureaucracy and not the development the people clamour for.

The lawmaker who expressed his disenchantment with the level of corruption ravaging the country posited that the trend needed to be tackled and crushed, maintaining that one of such action was the drastic steps the Central Bank governor, Mr. Lamido Sanusi had taken against chief executives of some ailing banks.

As a lawyer, he argued Sanusi has not breached any section of the constitution in restructuring the banking sector, noting that the central governor acted within the purview of the laws since the CBN is the regulator of all banks and other micro-finance institutions in the country.

Source: Tribune