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Nigeria: Catholic Priest accused foreign donors of sponsoring Homosexuality, same sex

Homosexuality and Smae Same has no place in Nigeria, especially in Ibo land, the Eastern part of the country, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Owerri Catholic Archdiocese, Most Reverend Anthony Obinna, has warned

Raising an alarm over what he called an aggressive introduction of homosexuality and same-sex marriage among men and women in the country by some foreign financiers in collaboration with their local agents, the cleric expressed deep displeasure that while Nigerians and indeed Imo people, especially the Catholic faithful celebrated the defeat last year of the Abortion Bill (otherwise known as Reproductive Women’s Rights) in the Imo State House of Assembly, some foreign financiers have come back now to bring in the aspect of homosexuality and same-sex marriage.

“Since the defeat of that bill its foreign financiers and their local agents, have not relented in their effort to see the bill overturned. From what I am hearing Imo State in Igboland is seen by these foreigners as a key Godly state in Africa and a major seat of resistance to their so-called liberal and progressive ideas meant to liberate us Africans from our primitive moral ways now reinforced by a Christianity that they are rejecting in parts of Europe and America”, he said.

Obinna who is noted for his public condemnation of wrong virtues said the current trend of the financiers no longer bother on promoting abortion and free sex among adults and even primary school children, they are aggressively now promoting homosexuality and same-sex marriage which remained a taboo in the African culture.

He added that Africans had lived through primitive, colonial and now modern times with scientific, technological, commercial and non-sense times, in all these time; human life had been treasured because “it is only God that can create human beings and not man”

He, however, urged all Africans and the general public to reject such move and embrace the special gift of God by abiding in the divine principle of marriage among opposite sex and nothing more.