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I was not chased out of London, says Aondoakaa

The Attorney-General of the Federation (AGF) and Minister of Justice, Mr. Michael Aondoakaa (SAN), on Monday, denied that he was chased out of a London hotel during his recent visit to London to clear himself of allegations of shielding corrupt persons in Nigeria.
A statement issued in Abuja by his Chief Press Secretary (CPS), Mr. Taye Akinyemi, read in part: “It may, therefore, be educative for me and other Nigerians and the world at large, to know if this hotel takes exception to this minimum practices or whether the national daily and the so-called Nigeria Liberty Forum, the organiser of the so-called telephone protests, have a mutual working agreement with the hotel to set aside this standard practice.

“It is important to establish this fact in view of the unprecedented intelligence available to the leader of the Nigeria Liberty Forum, who within 24 hours was aware of a visit by a serving Nigerian minister to the UK and within the same period was able to mobilise Nigerians across the UK and the globe to bombard the Marriott Hotel with unprecedented phone calls to make a minister on international assignment for his country “abandon” the assignment and return home.

“Marriot Hotel at Heathrow and elsewhere is a five-star hotel. Anyone who has ever been a guest at any standard hotel knows of fliers such as “do not disturb.” Once this notice is hung on the doorknob, the hotel management is obliged to obey this simple request.

“I wonder what will happen if Nigeria invokes the principle of reciprocity in international relations to subject visiting minister to such terrorism by other means. I was amazed at the capability of the newspaper for investigative journalism until I became aware that the story was just a regurgitation of the gossip as carried by Sahara Reporters in its lead story of the preceding day.

“This to me is significant for one reason. Perhaps the said national daily was the only newspaper that extended patronage to this online service in respect of the story, unlike in the past when this online service appears to be the “mother of the media” in Nigeria.

“Whenever a medium is established for a purpose, a personal purpose for that matter, sooner or later, that purpose may be achieved or lost. When either is attained, the demise of the medium is as assured as the rising of the sun.

”I wish the national daily and Sahara Reporters the best as they strive to achieve their purpose.”