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Impact of dams on African communities

The history of large dams in Africa has been one of broken promises and incalculable losses. This is the story of the dam affected in their own voices. It is based initially on the Southern African Hearings for Communities affected by Large Dams in 1999, and was endorsed and presented by the African Rivers Network with some changes at the African Ministerial Conference on Hydropower and Sustainable Development.

This 9 minute video gives life to the Declaration through the use of photographs of Africa dam case studies.

This is shared on the anniversary of World Rivers Day (september 2009) in support of wild rivers everywhere and the communities who depend on them. Production and most photographs: Liane Greeff. Narration and music: Roy MacGregor.

Other photographs provided by the African Rivers Network and the Environmental Monitoring Group.

The original declaration was edited by Steve Rothert and the Southern African Hearings Team based on community presentations, and the African Ministerial Conference was developed by Liane Greeff and Terri Hathaway and the African Rivers Network delegation.

This EcoDoc Africa Production was funded by the Global Greengrants Fund.

EcoDoc Affrica, in solidarity with the African Rivers Network, is sharing the video “The Declaration of Broken Promises” which highlights the struggles faced by dam-affected communities around Africa and gives clear recommendations on how communities want to participate in decisions affecting their lives.
The video also highlights the need to ensure the environmental sustainability of rivers.
View the video

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