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Indian police in a fix over ex Nigerian convict

Julius Ojao alias Smith, a Nigerian, has been living at the Gorwa Police station in India for close to four months. Smith, a convict in a cyber crime case, is in the police custody while he awaits deportment. While Smith has been enjoying a lavish lifestyle, the police are in a fix as his expenses are mounting, most of which are being borne by the cops from their own pockets.

Known among the new friends he had made in and around the station as Julio, he is waiting for his deportation orders from the Union external affairs ministry.

“Julio served a year’s jail term in a cyber crime. He was caught by Mumbai police and transferred to the city as the complaint against him had been lodged with Gorva police station. However, after he finsihed his term, the jail authorities handed him back to Gorva till he got his deportment orders,” a police official said.

Now, the cops don’t know how to deal with the situation. Julio’s living expenses, sources at the station say are rising. According to the rule, expenditure on detained persons is borne by government authorities but as of now policemen at the station are contributing from their pockets as a humanitarian gesture, police said. Julio’s demands of non-vegetarian food is an additional expense too, cops at the station said.

Meanwhile, the ex-convict has been having a good time. Not only has he made friends in the region, he also orders non-vegetarian food and relishes the dishes once or twice in a week. He dines and sleeps at the station and according to sources here, is fast learning the nuances of a cop’s work life.

“Usually detention of a person is for a day or two, but this extended custody pending clearance from embassy and other authorities has added to our problems,” the official said.