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INEC and 2011 elections in Nigeria

The issue of ineffective governance in the country and its implications account for incredible elections which results in leadership tussles in our society.

The 1999, 2003 and 2007 elections  are now history, but it is left to observers to judge whether or not any of those  elections  were blatantly rigged. The issue is, how much difference will Professor Attahiru Jega make in the 2011 election?

Nigerian students and the general citizenry  of this country want the  Professor Jega-led INEC to look into the shortcomings of the past INEC chairmen,  manipulated by the notorious politicans, who mischievously got political powers, some of who  were disgraced out  of  political offices.

The independence of the electoral commission, which ought to be one of the ingredients of democarcy, was being restricted to an extent.  When we look into the electoral commission , it is at the mercy of the legialature. This is due to the fact that the National Assembly gave the electioneering date to INEC to  conduct its election first, so that they can have a say on whether or not the election favours them.

The task is now in the court of INEC to conduct elections that will be devoid of malpractices in any form, since the average Nigerian  politician  is  good in  amoral and machiavellian principles.

Jega should remember that the world is watching to see what he would contribute to the development of elections in Nigeria, since Nigerian is known for  ‘do-or-die’ politics, which can be viewed from the angle of a book written by Nicollo Machiavelli -‘The Prince”.

Let ‘s consider the case of Ghana, where the ruling party was removed from political power through the ballot box, while the opposition party  won  during the last election.

I am optimistic the same thing can happen in Nigeria if  Jega  gives us a credible  election. Then, Nigeria will be given high recognition among the comity  of  nations.