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Sarah Ochekpe, Nigeria's Minister for Water Resources

Nigeria: Journalists to receive training on IWRM

National Water Resources Institute (NWRI), Kaduna is planning a training workshop on water resources reporting for Journalists , end October, 2014. About twenty Journalists are expected in the training programme scheduled to hold in Kaduna.

Sources close to the NWRI informed eWASH that the training would enhance the capacity of Nigerian Journalists to effectively report water resources issues.WATER CYCLE

‘The motivation to organize the training arose from the fact that water resources are quite technical and the typical Journalists normally have challenges understanding and reporting these issues in-depth, insightful, and incisively’, said an official of the NWRI who choose to remain anonymous.

‘The National Water Resources decided to breach this knowledge gap by conducting this training exercise targeted at professional and practicing Journalists drawn from a cross section of media house across Nigeria including Television stations, Radio Houses, National and Local Newspapers, and online portals.’

eWASH gathered that the workshop will train Journalists on key principles and themes of integrated water resources management, explore issues that hinder coverage of water resources issues by media, and discuss the potential role of the media in the Integrated Water Resources Management cycle.

The National Water Resources Institute located in the Northern city of Kaduna, provides training and education, data collection, and dissemination services in the field of water resources development.

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