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Lagos Governorship:Will Fashola run in 2011?

There is an air of uncertainty over who will be the flag bearer of the Action Congress (AC) in Lagos State, come 2011. The party is yet to decide who will represent it in the coming general election. However, some political observers still believe that Governor Babatunde Fashola should complete his second term, due to the marvellous projects he has embarked upon in Lagos State since he came into office.

Former Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the political godfather of the incumbent governor, had, according to some reports, previously reached an understanding with Fashola that the latter would only go for one term in office.

Governor Fashola

Although Governor Fashola has not declared his intention of contesting as the next gubernatorial candidate of the AC in 2011, he is widely acknowledged as one of the best performing governors in Nigeria today.

Ordinarily, may would have assumed that Fashola would be the natural candidate of choice for Lagosians, but the reverse may now be the case. Politics of godfatherism and sectionalism is gradually taking the centre-stage in Lagos politics.

Not quiet long ago, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu reportedly pencilled down the name of the present Commissioner for Environment and former law lecturer at the University of Lagos, Dr Muiz Banire, as a preferred candidate for the AC in 2011. Political brouhaha erupted in the political structure of the state, especially in the AC at that time. That also prompted a former deputy governor of Lagos State, Mr Femi Pedro, to defect to the Labour Party.

Many political rumours were also making the round that Jimi Agbaje, a former gubernatorial candidate of the Democratic Peoples Alliance (DPA), would either come back to the AC or PDP to fulfil his political mandate. But in 2007, the AC refused to give him a ticket to contest for the governorship of Lagos. The ticket went to Babatunde Fashola.

Many AC supporters then defected to some of the newly formed political parties in Nigeria as a result.

The power of incumbency and consummate politicking saw AC winning the state, despite the threat from the PDP government from the centre. Today, the AC is the only opposition political party that stands tall and appears poised to wrest power from the ruling PDP. Lagosians are strongly agitating for the return of Fashola for a second term. Let Lagosians decide who will govern them in 2011.