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Lagos may soon pass information Bill – Speaker

The speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Adeyemi Ikuforiji, said  that the Assembly was working on the Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill.

He told newsmen in Lagos that the FOI would soon be passed into law.

Mr. Ikuforiji decried the delay of the passage of the FOI by the National Assembly, saying that it was not clear why they were jittery over the passage of the bill.

On the failure of political office holders to do what was expected of them, Mr. Ikuforiji blamed the situation on the inability of those close to them to tell them the truth. He said that Nigerians close to politicians would rather sell lies to them for selfish reasons.

Mr. Ikuforiji blamed the desperation of Nigerians to go into politics on poverty and the lack of an established system to determine standards of practice for those going into politics.