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New web site highlights succesful public water utilities

Dear researchers, policy makers and activists,

We are excited to announce the launch of the new website for the Municipal Services Project –

Now in its third phase, the MSP is exploring and evaluating models of service delivery that are deemed to be successful alternatives to commercialization, in an effort to understand the conditions required for their sustainability and reproducibility.

Our focus is on the water, electricity and primary health care sectors in Africa, Asia and Latin America . The project is composed of academic, labour, NGO and social movement partners from around the world. It is our hope that this website will be the site to go to for new and emerging research on alternatives to the privatization of municipal services.

The site features a diversity of publications and materials, from academic journal articles to video and audio documentaries. Our interactive map allows visitors to see what’s happening in the world of alternatives, and our events listing will keep you up to date on engaging conferences, workshops and meetings.

The website can be accessed in both English and Spanish. With its aim of Exploring Alternatives to Privatization the website goes beyond information dissemination, providing multiple avenues for visitors to contribute their own research and publications as well as engage in conversation in the Discussion Forums.

We invite you to visit the website and become a member ( to access all of the interactive features of the website, including adding your own publications and research material and creating links to your own organizations.

About the Municipal Services Project

The Municipal Service Project (MSP) is an inter-sectoral and inter-regional research project that systematically explores alternatives to the privatization and commercialization of service provision in the health, water, sanitation and electricity sectors.

Having spent the first two phases of the project (2000-2007) critiquing privatization, this phase of the project (2008-2013) will analyze service delivery models that are successful alternatives to commercialization in an effort to better understand the conditions required for their sustainability and reproducibility.

The project is funded in part by the International Development Research Council of Canada (IDRC).

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