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Nigeria: CNPP calls on Jonathan to adopt Uwais’ Report

The Conference of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP), says nothing short of adoption of the report of the Electoral Reforms Conference headed by Justice Uwais would be acceptable to it, as this is the only way to   guarantee free and fair election in the country, as it was the only genuine way of reconstructing the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

“The Uwais Report and its core recommendations are borne out of national consensus, rated as a guiding principle and an article of faith in any genuine attempt to salvage Nigeria from do-or-die electoral process, restore the image of our dear country in the comity of nations and reinvent the standard and quality of our election,” CNPP said.

Expressing their reservations on the decisions taken by Jonathan on the nominations made into the electoral body, CNPP said it opposed the procedure as it was bound to foist electoral fraud in the nation in the future.

“CNPP is outraged that President Goodluck Jonathan and his cabal can now conveniently pull a volte- face and join anti-democrats in revoking the Uwais Report; for it was convenient to promise to implement the Uwais Report during the hectic route to become an Acting President and abandon it as a substantive President. It is the height of paradox on the part of President Jonathan.

“CNPP in league with Justice Uwais and other democrats are of the candid view that President Jonathan with over 800 out of 990 members of State Houses of Assembly nationwide, over 260 out of 360 members of the House of Representatives and over 90 out of 109 Senators of the party he leads -Peoples Democratic Party (PDP); can amend the constitution under one month, if he places national interest above self interest to contest the 2011 elections.

“CNPP and other progressive democrats had severally called on President Jonathan to submit an Executive Bill in accordance with the three Bills in the Uwais Report as a change agent which he approximates. Rather, what we have today as the First Amendment is nothing but self glorification, with neither Electoral Reform nor Restructuring of the Federation addressed.

“Today, unfortunately, Professor Jega has inherited an excess baggage which includes the remnants of Professor Maurice Iwu’s henchmen in the new INEC.

“Finally, we challenge President Jonathan to muster the political will, the vision and drive to harvest the legacy which genuine Electoral reform in accordance with the Uwais report will bequeath the nation and himself. Time is of essence as this can be done before the tepid amendment is concluded by the legislature,” Okechukwu said.