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Nigeria: CSOs to mark World Water Day with street marches

Over 10,000 Water Activists in Nigeria will  ‘walk for water’ tomorrow as a symbolic way of marking this year’s World Water Day which falls on March 22 of every year.

The event will take place in 59 other countries and is being organised to draw global attention to water and sanitation crisis.

A statement by the organisers of the event, states:

‘ The water activists will be walking in solidarity with the millions of people – overwhelmingly women and children – who walk great distances each day to collect water for their basic needs and the billions who have no safe place to go to the toilet.

Walkers will be calling on governments to put an end to the water and sanitation crisis that kills one child under five every twenty seconds, 4,000 every day.


They are walking to demand that politicians take action to tackle preventable diarrhoeal diseases that are the biggest killer of children in Africa, taking more young lives than HIV/AIDs, malaria and measles combined’

Jon Lane, Executive Director of the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) stresses that it is important that governments understand that sanitation and water are clever investments. “Investing in sanitation, one of the most off-track Millennium Development Goals, generates a 1 to 9 return. It is difficult to imagine any business person passing on the chance to make such a profit; yet this is just what is happening today.”



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