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Nigeria Export Promotion Council Collaborates with women groups

The Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) and the Nigerian Network of Women Exporters of Services (NNWES) have gone into collaboration aimed at focusing the attention of exporters on the potentials of the services sub-sector and how to maximize the opportunities.

Speaking in Abuja at a workshop on professionalism for value and expansion in service delivery and export organized by the NNWES, the Executive Director of NEPC, David Adulugba, said because of the challenges of globalization to most African countries, including Nigeria, economic success cannot be achieved without diversification and development of non-oil export.

Represented by Omowumi Osibo, the executive director said that the council came up with initiatives to identify and highlight the potentials of exportable services that could be packaged and marketed regionally and internationally in collaboration with stakeholders.

He said that the initiative is an indication that the private sector in Nigeria is rising to the challenges of taking advantage of the opportunities and potentials that abound in services trade.

He noted that trade in services, compared to trade in commodities, is a relatively new concept to most developing countries.

The National Co-ordinator of the Nigerian Network of Women Exporters in Services (NNWES) Nkiru Okpala-Perkins, said that promoting trade in services offers Nigeria the opportunity to diversify trade and potentially contribute directly to job creation and development.

She said that the world over, professionally driven services delivery and export have been the most successful mechanism to achieve continuous improvement in the national economy.

She said although often invisible to policy makers, services play a vital role in facilitating all aspects of economic activity, adding that infrastructure, transportation, communications and, financial services provide the support necessary for any type of business.

“Educational, health and recreational services influence the quality of labour available to firms. Professional services provide specialized expertise to increase firms’ competitiveness. Services make up a major portion of the world economies, ranging from over 40 per cent GDP in a country like ours to over 89 percent in economies such as Hong Kong, China and the U.S,” she said.