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Nigeria football: Way forward

The proprietor of Bussdor United football club of Port Harcourt, Oscar Igbokwe, has called on the minister of sports, to convene a meeting of sponsors of private football clubs in the country.

Igbokwe,who is also the President of Bussdor group of companies, told sportswriters in Port Harcourt over the weekend that he had written a letter to the minister for an urgent action on the state of football in the country.

” There is an urgent need to call for a meeting of all stakeholders of football in the country now to discuss the way forward for Nigerian football.

” We the private sponsors of football clubs in the country will be in a better position to tell the minister the truth about the state of football in the country.

Some members of the board of the football association might be afraid to say the truth” he said.

Igbokwe who sponsors a pro-league division one club, Bussdor United Football Club, said some members of the football association, had no business being there because they have not contributed to the development of the game.

” Most of the members have no jobs and only depend on the association for everything. Football in Nigeria will not move forward if private sponsors of clubs are not involved in the decision making.

” It has become important to summon a meeting between the minister and stake holders to find the way forward.

If affairs of our football are left in the hands of a few people, nothing will happen and we will be back to square one” he said.

Igbokwe said as a sponsor of a club for ten years, he has contributed in so many ways to assist the Imo State Football Association, especially in attracting fans to watch the pro-league matches and sponsorship of challenge cup finals for three years in the state.

He commended President Goodluck Jonathan for reversing the two year withdrawal of the Super Eagles.

” This is a challenge for all stakeholders in Nigerian football to make amends and move the game forward.

It is left for the minister to use this opportunity to call such stakeholders to rub minds together and find solutions to our problems” he said