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Nigeria-Ghana trade relations

Nigerian Trade authorities are not frustrating  Ghanaian businesses who export products to Nigeria, says Nigerian High Commissioner to Ghana, His Excellency Senator Musililu Obanikro

This follows recent comments by the Trade and Industry Minister, Hannah Tetteh that whilst Ghana was duly respecting the provisions of the ECOWAS Trade Liberalization Scheme (ETLS), Nigeria was doing otherwise by restraining some Ghanaian exports into their country.

The Nigerian High Commissioner to Ghana, His Excellency Senator Musililu Obanikro however says the actions by the Nigerian authorities are only part of new measures to curb illicit trade activities and not a direct target on Ghanaian businesses.

He made the assertion at a forum dubbed the ECOWAS forum- organized by the Ghana-German economic association.

“We have uncovered a situation where palm oil was brought in from Malaysia and labour coming from Ghana and sometimes Cote D’Ivoire. That is why it is not intended to discourage Ghanaians but our Nigerians will come here, corrupt the system here and together they will collude and take the products to Nigeria and everybody will be behaving like what they are doing is normal.” He said.

“This is one major reason why it is difficult to sometimes fault the customs people because some of our people are very dishonest. But I believe that that is not sufficient enough for us not to be bold to do the needful. It is necessary. we have said it should be free for goods and services and whatever could be done to make it free should be done.” He added.