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Nigeria: Minister urges action on implementation of IWRM

Around 100 participants, representing 50 different organizations around Nigeria, attended the General Assembly of Partners of the Country Water Partnership of Nigeria held on 14 February 2013,  where Nigeria’s  Minister of Water Resources Mrs. Sarah Reng Ochekpe,  urged Global Water Partnership (GWP) Nigeria to strengthen and expand their activities towards achieving adequate management of water resource in the country.

The Minister indicated her interest in being involved in the Delta Initiative, the Integrated Urban Water Resources Management programme where the city of Abuja could be used a pilot case, and to strengthen the gender issue in the water sector, and said “It was in compliance with the global best practice in water management and in response to National Water Resources Policy of Nigeria that the Nigerian Integrated Water Resources Management Commission (NIWRMC) was established with a mandate to liaise with relevant bodies within and outside Nigeria on the water resources management.”

GWP Nigeria’s 2013 Work Plan includes the following key actions:

  • Support the decentralization process in relation to IWRM together with the national Commission and the eight basins.
  • Facilitate National Water Draft Bill to get passed into law.
  • Assist the NIWRM Commission in capacity building and stakeholder mobilization
  • Improve water governance at all levels
  • Improve knowledge on climate change variability
  • Strengthen partnerships with strategic organizations, also around basins, and with other English speaking West African CWP in West Africa.
  • Capitalize and diffuse endogenous good practices on water resources management.
  • Strengthen CWP-N Secretariat
  • Organize meetings of CWP-N and participate in the GWP WAF events

“Nigerian oil is often mentioned to be able to fuel the engine of development of the country, but the fact is that the Ministry of Water Resources is facing financial constraints, and the week following GWP’s meeting, a Summit on innovative funding for the water sector in Nigeria was organised under the leadership of the President of Nigeria”, says GWP Senior Network Officer François Brikké.

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