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Nigeria: Nations far from achieving MDGs

The recently-concluded United Nations Summit revealed that many countries, Nigeria inclusive, is far from achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by the year 2015.

However, with only five years to 2015, many countries are still far from achieving the MDGs. But speaking at the last United Nations Summit, the United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon stated that although many countries were still very far from achieving the MDGs he was optimistic that they had set up recoverable frameworks for achieving these goals. In fact, President Barrack Obama clearly stated that United States would promote incentives for economic growth over food or financial aid, and encourage countries to come up with practical policies for achieving the MDGs. Similarly, other countries are strategizing, building blocs and galvanizing support to achieve the MDGs.

Consequently, in the coming months, we urge the Jonathan administration to initiate, fine-tune or galvanize concrete recoverable programs and projects aimed at putting Nigeria on the track to achieving the MDGs. Men of character should be entrusted with the disbursement and utilization of development funds to ensure accountability.

Government should show the political will to do what is right at all times and break away from international politics that leads to compromising our widely-shared values.