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Nigeria news: Alamieyeseigha drums support for President Jonathan

Chief Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, Former Governor Bayelsa state

Former Governor of Bayelsa state, Chief Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, has said any Ijaw person that dared to vote against President Goodluck Jonathan would be considered a saboteur.

Besides, he cautioned that the coming of Jonathan as President of the country is a divine arrangement by God, so no Ijaw man should be seen to oppose this divine order.

He recalled that when he was Governor, he made Ijaw people to stop lamenting over the issues of marginalisation and neglect, but to go for what belongs to them, which he said resulted in the emergence of freedom fighters who were later stigmatised as militants.

“Militancy is not only those that carry gun in the creeks, there is intellectual militancy which is a fighting spirit, and it will continue until we get what we want. We can now dance Owigiri at Aso Rock because we have the President as our son”, Alamieyeseigha emphasized.

The former Governor urged musicians to continue to promote the Ijaw culture through music, but regretted that most Ijaw children could hardly speak their language anymore, while also reiterating the need for the inclusion of Ijaw music into Jonathan’s jingles, adding that music should be used to propagate Ijaw culture.

His words, “Nobody is born in Ijaw land by accident. We must continue to promote those values that brought us together, and music is one of them. There is no boundary between the Ijaws from Ondo state to Akwa Ibom state. The culture of Ijaws shows that we are one, but we lack unity in diversity”.

In his speech, the celebrant, Barrister Smooth described artistes as the mirror of the society, which he said is reflected in the music, writings and the performances of the artiste.

He urged the people of the area to work towards building up Izon language, adding that indigenous artistes promote the values and cultures of the area while also encouraging up and coming artistes to work towards promoting the Ijaw values and culture.