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Nigeria News: Buhari says President Yar’adua is visionless

Below are exceprts of an Interiew granted by General Muhammed Buhari, the All Nigeria’s Peoples Party Presidential Candidate in the 2007 elections on the administration of President Umaru Yar adua

“My position is that first of all, for those who are following what happened, I sat down and observed the stand of Yar’Adua on the problems of Nigeria.

“After he swore with the holy Qur’an, what he said was that the election that brought him to power was marred by irregularities. He said after election matters had been concluded in the courts, committees would be formed to look at cases where some people were wronged. I heard him say these with my own ears.

“But he has not lived up to his words. When he appointed the retired Chief Justice, Alhaji Lawal Uwais, I was against the appointment because Uwais was Chief Justice of the Federation when we lost our election appeal in the court, after spending 30 months in court.

“Yes, I said that Uwais was not competent to be appointed, Now, to say that Uwais has presided over the report on electoral reform, that will not impress me. Even the President himself said that the committee would not be formed until after all election petitions had been settled in court.

“ He said that that would be the time when all the grey areas would be known. If that very tape would be played now without being edited, you will see that was exactly what he said.

“But as soon as he appointed Uwais, I knew that nothing would happen. Nigerians are feeling the negative impact of the Yar’Adua administration. They are not doing what they are supposed to do but they keep on saying they will do this and that.

“Does that mean when they were seeking for the votes of Nigerians, they were not prepared and ready with the things they intended to do for Nigerians? Don’t they have a manifesto? Is the PDP not having a manifesto with the details of what they intended to do when they are elected?

“The people are crying, they were promised water to drink, good schools, drugs in hospitals and good roads. But after two years, when these topics are brought to the fore, government will say they are thinking about it. But these thoughts are supposed to have been planned and articulated since.”