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Nigeria news-Cleen NGO commmences safety survey in Lagos

The CLEEN Foundation in Collaboration with the Lagos State Security Trust Fund (LSSTF) and support from Ford Foundation is commencing the 2nd Lagos Crime Victimization and Safety Survey, 2009. The survey will begin on Wednesday, September 2, 2009 and would last for three weeks. It will cover all the local government areas in Lagos State.

Respondents to be interviewed will be selected through random sampling method, which is designed to ensure that every resident of Lagos State has an equal chance of being selected or not selected.

Those selected will be interviewed in their households, using a structured questionnaire designed to capture their household/personal experiences of crime victimization; perceptions of safety; police/security agencies response to crime; road safety and accidents; general perception of crime and the criminal justice system and whether there has been an improvement in policing and security service since the last survey.


The objectives of the survey are to:

· Generate reliable complementary data to official statistics on crime, crime levels, perceptions of safety, as well as their geographic, gender and socioeconomic distributions, which would assist LSSTF, the police and other law enforcement agencies in better deployment of resources.

· Provide road safety agencies in Lagos State such as LASTMA and Federal Road Safety Commission with reliable complementary data to their statistics on rate of road accidents, response of government agencies to emergencies and Lagosians consciousness and attitude to road safety issues and values.

· Identify local government areas with most frequent incidences of violent crime and criminality in Lagos State.

· Assess the level of community interest and involvement in crime prevention and crime target hardening measures.

For enquiries please contact the survey coordinator, Ms. Shola Omotosho at the following number: 0803-5054066 or e-mail address: shola.omotosho@