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Nigeria News: EFCC to get more autonomy …

Nigeria News: EFCC to get more autonomy

A Bill that will grant more autonomy to Nigeria’s anti graft agency, the EFCC to prosecute accused persons without recourse to the office of the Attorney General of the Federation is presently being debated by the Federal House of Representatives

Punch newspaper reports that the bill, an amendment to the existing EFCC Act, among others, seeks to safeguard the independence of the commission by avoiding the current practice whereby it submits the results of investigations to the Presidency before it goes ahead to prosecute suspects.

The Chairman of the House Committee on Justice, Mr. Henry Dickson, who sponsored the bill, had argued that the agency, as an independent investigation body, should immediately prosecute suspects without recourse to the Presidency, using the prosecutorial powers of the office of the Attorney-General of the Federation.

According to Dickson, government appiontees in the EFCC board should be reduced.

The bill called for the inclusion of representatives of independent-minded groups like civil societies associations, the Nigerian Bar Association and the Nigeria Union of Journalists in the board of the commission.