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Nigeria news: Fanny Amu kicks against calls for Amodu’s sack

Against the backdrop of calls by some Nigerians for the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF)to employ a foreign technical adviser following the team’s late qualification, former Secretary General of the defunct Nigeria Football Association (NFA) Fanny Amun said Super Eagles coach Shuaibu Amodu should not be replaced with a foreign coach.

“He should be left to lead the team to the Nations Cup in Angola and the World Cup in South Africa in 2010,” Amun told sportswriters on Tuesday.

“Amodu has done so well and, for me, he deserves to lead the team to the competitions even if it means our having the worst result with him,” he said.

“The issue of foreign coach has always come up as a fire brigade approach in our country,” he added.

“If the NFF wants a foreign coach, let him start from scratch, said Amun.

According to him, Amodu had done well by not losing a match in the qualification process, noting that sentiment was responsible for the calls for his replacement.

Amun said if Nigeria desired a foreign coach, it should be after 2010 to give him adequate time to groom a team and change the game.

“Why should we go and invest so much money in nothing that at the end of it, the foreign coach will not even perform better than Amodu,” he said.