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Nigeria News: Kidnappers may be hanged if caught in Akwa Ibom state

A new law that prescribes death penalty for kidnappers may soon be signed into law in Akwa Ibom State.


The State Governor, Chief Godswill Obot Akpabio told THISDAY Newspaper yesterday that

Crime of kidnapping in some regards could be more sinister than that of armed robbery which currently attracts death penalty.

“When people kidnap at gun-point and sometimes murder their victims, there is no reason why the murderer should not also be murdered. You kidnap and kill a child and then turn back and say, oh, you are against death penalty. And then you get imprisoned and after five or seven years, one way or the other you find your way out and continue with the crime. We are going to institute the death penalty in Akwa Ibom against kidnappers. No excuse for that and I’m telling you that not even the European Union (EU) can come and tell us how to fight crime in Akwa Ibom because we are not at the same stage of development with Europe.”, said Akpabio

would be erroneous to argue that because the EU had abolished the death penalty then Nigeria must follow suit, contending that the European society was far more advanced than Nigeria of today.

“What I just want you to know is that the stage that we are in Nigeria is the stage that Europe was 400 years ago in the 16th century,” he said.