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Nigeria News: “Legalise abortion now”- women groups

Nigeria News
Nigeria Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ) has advocated for the legalization of abortion in the country, and enactment of laws to ensure stiffer penalties for those found guilty of rape.

Addressing delegates at a sensitization programme on “Avoid unsafe abortion, support laws backing abortion” at Egbedore Local Government in Osun State, the National President of NAWOJ, Alhaja Fatimah Abdulkareem argued that the legalization of abortion will prevent young girls from patronizing quacks whose services at times leads to death or permanent damage.

However, the Chairman of Egbedore Local Government, Mr. Bamidele Salam expressed a different opinion at the conference.

He advised pregnant women to patronize government hospitals and clinics rather than fake maternity clinics.
Nigeria News