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Nigeria News: Osun state gets new pressure group

 A new pressure group has been formed to advance socio-economic development of Osun State.

The non partisan group known as the Osun State Progressive Forum (OSPF)  aims to achieve the following objectives:

1.     To advance ideas and programmes that will ensure the educational, economic, and agricultural development of Osun State.

2.     To organize dialogues and debates on development policies and programmes for Osun State, and provide an alternative agenda that is practical, low cost, people centred and people driven, for the State’s development.

3.     To mobilize the human and material resources of the State in support of identified progressive policies and programmes being implemented by international development and Government agencies.

4.     To network with other bodies with similar objectives for advancing the development of the Osun State.

5.     To influence and participate in the political process at all levels


Membership of the group is open to Individuals, Professional bodies, Academics, Community groups, the media and citizens. 

Intending members are encouraged to call: 08035897435