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Nigeria News: Swine flu in Nigeria The …

Nigeria News: Swine flu in Nigeria

The management of the Nigeria Ports Authority has issues guidelines to prevent the spread of swine flu to Nigeria

No case of the global epidemic is yet recorded in Nigeria

The organisation has provided safety equipment like nose masks and hand gloves to its marine pilots, which are to be replaced within two hours.

The workers have also been advised to take such preventive measures as staying away from crowds when feeling sick, eat well, embark on exercises and maintain good sleeping habits.

Workers of the organisation were also advised to avoid international travels to countries affected by the scourge while those who have embarked on such trips in recent time and have such symptoms as sore throat, stuffy nose, fatigue, headache and body aches are advised to report at the hospital without delay

Henceforth all ship crew from flu infested countries would have to be screened just as vessels from such countries would be fumigated on arrival.

To prevent the spread of the disease in Nigeria all seafarers arriving on board their vessel into the country would place on quarantine at quarantine stations to isolate any victim while all garbage from such vessel would incinerated

All terminal operators have already been instructed on appropriate personal protective equipment to provide for their employees and dockworkers that may likely be in contact with vessels and crew