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Nigeria News:I will appoint INEC Chairman, Yar’adua insists


President Yar'adua

 President Umaru Yar’adua has insisted that he will not delegate the powers to appoint the Chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission from the President to the National Judicial Council as recommended by the Mohammed Uwais panel on electoral reform

The President said what matters is not who appoints the Chairman of the electoral umpire, but the integrity of the person so appointed


“Integrity is not who appoints the people. It is the integrity of the people who are appointed. And if you say the National Judicial Council should appoint them, you are taking executive functions and giving them to the judiciary.

This would be dragging them into politics. And in any case, we cannot, as a nation, have solutions to our problems by throwing out things fundamental to the system.

 It is not just right. We only have to ensure that what is right has to be done. There should be no throwing out of the baby with the bath water. We must have confidence in ourselves to correct the ills. And there is no other population that will come and do it for us.


“What is important is the integrity of the people appointed and their capacity to exercise the independence being guaranteed to INEC by the reform bills.

The recommendation for the National Judicial Council to appoint the chairman and members of INEC is not in line with the fundamental process of the law. And remember we are making laws for future generations and not just for perceived perceptions.