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Nigeria news:Oyo gets 1st female Chief Judge

Justice Badejoko Adeniji was yesterday appointed the 1st female judge of Oyo state

by the state Governor, Alao Akala.

The Oyo state House of Assembly had earlier ratified her appointment

Inaugurating her yesterday, Akala said, “This is another milestone in our giant stride to entrench obedience and observance of the rule of law in all strata of the society.”

However, barely three months after 27 magistrates in the state judiciary drove home with new cars from the governor’s office, Alao-Akala on Wednesday extended the same gesture to the state judges as he gave them 22 sport utility vans.

The governor said he would have done the presentation earlier but was afraid that some people might read another meaning to his action.

Punch newspaper quoted the Governor as sating that:, “When the judges arrive in their court rooms or chambers in these jeeps, they will feel comfortable. When they have that kind of conducive atmosphere, they would be able to think straight and also judge very well.

“Just about two months ago, we gave our magistrates cars and we said that if we can do that to our magistrates, we can do that to our judges.

“As a matter of fact, we should have done that earlier but because of the way we think in Nigeria, we are very gullible. People can read meaning to it. They read meanings into whatever we do in this country.

“But today, we are here without currying favour from anybody. The judiciary may be thinking that the executive and the legislature are enjoying, they too should enjoy.”

Speaking on behalf of other judges, the CJ commended the governor for his kind gesture to boost the image of the judges.

She said, “It has been a long time since we had a CJ. We are having one today by the special grace of God through the amiable governor of this state.

“Today again, the state government is also giving to us judges 22 cars. From now on, judges in Oyo State will go tall among their peers in other states with the provision of these