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Nigeria: Pentecostal Pastor to contest for Presidency

Presidential aspirant on the Fresh Democratic Party (FDP), platform, Pastor Chris Okotie   has declared an interntion to contest for the Presidency next year,  to salvage the country from “inept, corrupt and purposeless leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).”

According to him, the time has come for the country to be saved from the PDP. He said: “I am motivated by a patriotic zeal and love of my country to be at the vanguard of a much-needed change to transform our nation into a viable, self-accounting, representative democracy where everyone is free to enjoy the full dividends of democracy.”

The pastor of the Lagos-based Household of God Church declared: “Without any doubt, I remain fully persuaded that only the emergence of a credible, visionary and progressive government can usher in a new Nigeria of our dream.

And I am confident that I represent these ideals and, with my fresh agenda, we can create a new nation, a new Nigeria, which would take its rightful place in the comity of nations. Since the PDP-led government rigged itself into power in 2003, we had expected that its much advertised seven-point agenda would provide solutions to the nation’s multifarious problems.”

He observed that: “The socio-economic and political situation has gone from bad to worse in every sector of our national life since the subversion of the popular will in the flawed elections of 2003. We could see for ourselves what they portend are indeed, frightening’’.